About Us

Armed with frenetic energy and objective minds, we work every single day with the prime objective of creating impact through: design, strategy and communication. Our motive is to establish a strong relationship between brands and its consumers. At quack quack, we thrive on creative intelligence and understanding between brands and Its consumers.

So if you’re looking to upscale your brand, you’re at the right place. Let’s get you quacking!

Your social media presence matters

A dynamic, data-driven social media marketing method to get brands recognised and enjoy brand loyalty. At quack quack, we ensure your social media presence leaves a mark on your customers and your brand receives the remarkable engagement it deserves.

We engage in increased engagement

With our razor sharp focus on what’s relevant in the world around us, we provide Ideas, transformative strategies and media solutions to skyrocket your business. Under our digital media services we cover SEO, email marketing,content marketing and your social media presence.

Distinguishing the best out of best

We are vibrant visualisers, high on creativity and consumer led. We deliver your stories with our designs. Our designs speak to the audience, it bridges the gap between what you offer and what the consumer needs.

We’re all about organic growth

Each brand has a story to tell, we bring that story to life. We connect your brand to the audience in a way that stirs up their soul and uplifts their spirit. Our content marketing tools include articles, vlogs, blogs, webinars, e-books and podcasts, with respect to what your brand requires.

We create visual stories

One good video can change your course. We hit the bull’s eye, we create to inspire. Our team makes sure we bring out the right tone of voice for your brand through our video production service.

Utilize the best of the internet

No matter what industry you're in, digital optimization is the key to driving online conversions. Optimization allows you to create an exceptional user experience and delight your customers. We offer you the most accomplished and proficient route, we understand the consumer and their ever changing need to bring in a revolution.

Know your market

If you’re in an industry that feels oversaturated with other businesses and competitors, standing out can sometimes seem impossible. But differentiating your brand in a crowded market is achievable with niche marketing. At quack quack, consumers are in our foreground, we know your target and we achieve that market for you.

Digital, Physical or Virtual, we’ve got you covered

Event marketing helps build more profound relationships with customers and educate them about your brand. The attendees need a strong incentive for their presence and we know exactly how to make it simple and clear for them.

We step in to make your brand stand out

PR involves communicating with your market to raise awareness of your business, build and manage your business's reputation and cultivate relationships with consumers. We ensure you develop a trusting and authentic relationship with your consumer.

Tool of infinite growth

Tool of infinite growth. With more than 122 million viewers and consumers on a daily basis.
Youtube has proven to be a hot market for brand promotions and interaction. Heavy traffic on youtube guarentees higher visibility on google and increased consumer base.We create, promote and optimize your video content to grow your brand on youtube


Skeptic about getting into the NFT space?

Voila, you're at the right place. We help you and your team understand NFT and its intricacies. We provide a thorough education on NFT and help you understand the potential of it withholds for you and your brand. We lay out an extensive plan and strategy to make your NFT shine in the market and go a long way.

What differentiates us? A creative agency that’s different because the way we perceive is different.

We’re strategic, we-rebrand and re-charge brands. With comprehensive layout plans and guided implementation, we ensure high quality leads and engagement of your brand on social media channels.
Our integrated designs redefines companies with creative results. At  quack quack, our designs are an outcome of rounds of brain-storming. Our creative patterns are a mix of science, art, logic and creativity, which transforms the essence of the brand into practical interface. We design to shine.
What’s in a story? Everything that sets you apart from your competition. Words are the most powerful tool you can possess. We make sure you have a unique tone of voice and message for you brand. Get heard by your audience on the right channel for a fire-quacking effect.

Our work

We create experiences that change the way people feel and act about a brand.

We’re glad to have worked with our phenomenal clients.

We’re glad to have worked with our
phenomenal clients.

We don't want to show off but see
what they've got to say about us.

We don't want to
show off
but see
what they've got to say about us.

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